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The applied Science of Energy, Clarity, Longevity & Anti-Ageing taken to the next level!

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Biohacking Healing™ 4-Hour Events

The Biohacking Healing™ Online Course is a 6-Week 6-Hour intensive introduction to the science of Biohacking, and how it relates to healing and changing your reality. Biohacking Health & Wellness gets results faster and cheaper alongside any existing health and wellness plan you are following, and will improve it beyond measure!

Before diving into this 6-week online course, come and meet David Holden in person, at a 4-hour session near you! Get an introduction to Biohacking Healing™, while assessing your health with the latest tools that David actually uses in his Naturopathic Oncology practice!

Discover the potential of Biohacking Healing™ in this 4-hour event with David Holden!

Accelerated Learning


Meet David Holden and learn how to:

Biohack Your Genetics: Live Longer, Age Gracefully

  • Discover proven, science-backed methods to enhance your genetic expression and slow the aging process
  • Learn about specific nutrient-rich supplements that can reinforce healthy gene function and boost your overall wellbeing
  • Understand the importance of regular blood testing and how to maintain optimal health, beyond just “getting by”

Detox for Vibrant Health

  • Explore the benefits of various detox methods like juice cleanses, liver detoxes, and intermittent fasting
  • Learn which detox approach is best suited to your unique biochemistry

Biohack Your Nutrition

  • Discover the power of personalized nutrition based on your blood type
  • Understand how to eat the foods that nourish your body, not just what Big Food wants you to consume

Biohack Your Brain

  • Enhance your cognition, intelligence, and memory with clinically-proven nootropics and brain-boosting nutrients
  • Expand your mental capabilities and unlock your true potential

Biohack Your Sex Life

  • For men: Maintain strong sexual function and elevated sex drive well into the future
  • For women: Enhance your energy, libido, and orgasmic potential, even after menopause

Biohack Your Fitness

  • Discover REHIT, a cutting-edge workout protocol that delivers better results in less time
  • Optimize your cardiovascular and muscular health with this groundbreaking approach

Biohack Your Hormones

  • Learn how to balance your sex and stress hormones for improved relationships, energy, and clarity
  • Revitalize your thyroid and adrenal function to maintain your ideal weight and energy levels

Biohack Your Mindset

  • Overcome depression, anxiety, and stress using ancient wisdom combined with modern neuroscience
  • Expand your consciousness and psychic awareness through meditation and energy work

Access Cutting-Edge Health Solutions

  • Discover premium-quality prescription-only products you can purchase online
  • Connect with specialized health experts in your local area

  • David Holden

    Naturopathic Oncologist, Nutritional Biochemist & Biohacking Healing Trainer

    David has a wealth of experience spanning 4 decades in the fields of Microbiology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Natural Medicine, Vibrational & Frequency Medicine (the medicine of the future – here now!) and Consciousness expansion using high tech science with Ancient Yogic wisdom.

    Having worked and trained in mainstream science for over 5 years, and Natural Medicine in various capacities for over 32 years, he questioned everything and didn’t like some of the answers he got (especially in recent history with a certain virus) so he developed methods and protocols that work when orthodox medicine has lost its way (and its ethics!).

    This is a seminar that gives you a big taste of what’s on offer in the 6 week online course that David has developed with lots of online resources to help you find what you need to achieve all your health, wellness & consciousness goals. You can also turn much of this into income streams if you chose to, no pressure but if you do, we can help you turn spare time into cash!

    The 6 week online course Biohacking Healing™ will open up a window into reality most people aren’t aware of, but then you aren’t most people are you!

  • The Course

    What you can enrol in after the 4-hour event

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    Week 1 – Introduction to Biohacking and the testing needed to see where you are at – baseline assessments to gauge your progress.

    Week 2 – Diet & Fasting Biohacks: how to choose the best type of diet tailored exactly to you.

    Week 3 – Online Exercise & Movement Biohacks: moving from boring exercise to health-promoting movement.

    Week 4 – Online Mindfulness & Sleeping Biohacks: learn meditation and methods to improve sleep.

    Week 5 – Your personal Destiny Wheel™ and how to get you back on track with your life in its entirety

    Week 6 – Putting it all together: where to from here? Some of the best curated products to help with life extension.

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