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Learn how to Biohack your genetics, and live longer and age less rapidly with proven scientific discoveries.

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Introducing a breakthrough in the Health & Wellness sector! How to make the most of super short cuts backed by real science that work to slow down ageing, increase energy levels, improve sleep, increase your libido, maximise lifespan, help emotional baggage busting your past, to improve yur present and future, AND get you back on purpose in life!

There is so much confusing "health information" our there, that we don't know what is fluff from what is truly effective! Let David Holden, one of New Zealand's top Naturopaths, show you how to take the RIGHT steps with knowledge that he has gained over decades of practice, helping people get well and healthy.
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"Biohacking is not just about being's about the power to transform yourself."

Dave Asprey (Father of Biohacking)

David Holden

Nutritional Biochemist and Naturopathic Oncologist

I've been studying and researching this area well over 25 years, before what I was doing was called "Biohacking." I have learned a tremendous amount from treating serious illness patients, about what works and what doesn't. And now for the first time in 2024, I want to offer this multidisciplinary health technology to all those smart Health Practitioners of all types, as well as well-informed lay public in New Zealand and Australia, who have an interest, willingness, and resources to do this in their own life and the lives of the ones they care for and love.

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    These events, featuring David Holden, will teach you the principles and practices of Biohacking Healing™ in an intensive, Accelerated Learning way. You will get to interact with David and fellow participants, reinforcing your learning and boosting your enthusiasm and insipiration.
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    This is a 6-week online course with David Holden, which will take you step-by-step through all the different areas of your life. There will be webinars, printed information, exercises and practices, and support to really get you onto a firm path to optimising health, wellness, purpose, and spiritual progress.
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